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Grok Inu

The token was inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto's shiba dog that was always sick and could not be cured, thanks to AI technology and doctors successfully assembling machine parts. Along with that, the combination of artificial intelligence from Elonmusk's Grok will make Grok Inu more perfect.

CA: 0xD08b9e557D1f64c8dd50A168453eA302A83E47FC

About Us

Grok Inu

Groki Inu is the perfect combination of two trends, Shiba Inu and Elonmusk's Grok AI. This combination will be pervasive and is expected to be a future trend in the cryptocurrency field.


Total Supply


Your Transactions

Tax 6/6


Phase 1

• Build websites
• Build Social (Telegram, X, ...)
• Build Dapp & INO Grok Inu NFT
• Audit Smart Contract
• Presale on PinkSale
• Postlaunch Marketing

Coming soon

Coming soon

How To Buy

Download DeFi wallet (metamask)

Connect wallet to Pancakeswap

(or exchange that supports swap feature)

Select the swap pair (BNB/GrokInu) and proceed with the swap

Technology & Social

Community Support


It's a new meme token that blends humor with crypto investment, encouraging a community-driven approach to finance.

Grok Inu Coin is based on blockchain technology, enabling secure and transparent transactions, and is managed through decentralized governance.

The coin can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges that list it; ensure to use a reputable platform.
Its roadmap includes practical applications, NFTs, community projects, and a focus on sustainability and charity.

Investing in meme tokens is risky and volatile; do thorough research and consider your risk tolerance before investing.